10 Health Benefits of Sleeping on A Good Mattress

Published on: May 31, 2023

We sleep daily, and an average person is believed to spend about ⅓ of his life in sleep. So, sleep is an essential part of our lives, and the quality of our sleep plays a prominent role in our overall health and well-being.


Let's consider that you are sleeping at most eight hours a day and then using it for other activities, for example, reading a book. Unless you sleep on the sofa/ couch a lot, this leads us to that the most used furniture in your home is your bed, especially the mattress. However, do you know that your mattress's quality can directly impact your sleep quality? You may not know that sleeping on a good mattress is surprisingly important for your health. If you are unaware that a mattress can significantly improve your health, read on to discover the ten ways it can…


1. Reduces Back Pain: It's a fact that many people with bad backs usually sleep on their stomachs, and it's unhealthy. A great mattress, however, offers greater comfort and support and ensures you sleep straight and not reversibly. If you are experiencing back pain, then with time, it will increase if you continue sleeping on your stomach. A mattress with proper support helps promote correct posture while sleeping. A good mattress provides the necessary support to maintain your spine in a neutral position, which can help alleviate pressure on your back.


2. Improvise Posture: A good quality mattress supports the correct posture of your body while you are asleep. The correct mattress will provide the body-hugging experience that our body requires. Sleeping on a good quality mattress helps in improving your posture, reducing pain and discomfort in your neck, shoulders, and back.


3. Promotes quality sleep: If you want good sleep, the most supreme thing is that your bed should be comfortable and supportive. An uncomfortable mattress will abstain your body from the proper distribution of pressure points. A cozy mattress helps in sleeping faster and staying asleep longer, leading to enhanced sleep quality. Springfield Heavenly Comfort Euro Top, the best mattress in UAE, is your cozy partner from the one and only Zero-G beds.



4. Weight Loss: Sleep is essential for athletic performance, like gymming and cardio, and a good quality mattress can help ensure you get the desired rest you need. During sleep, our bodies repair muscle tissue and replenish energy stores, which can help improve our weight loss journey. If this doesn't happen, it leads to a lack of sleep, and you will not be in the mood to exercise. Look no further, buy mattress online Dubai, and save time to exercise more.


5. Lowers Blood Pressure: If your mattress is too soft, it can cause a lot of strain on your muscles when you sleep. It restricts proper breathing and circulation, which can cause high blood pressure. Sound sleep is crucial for good health, and a good mattress ensures that there's just enough pressure on your body for proper circulation.


6. Enhances memory and cognitive function: Sleep plays a critical role in memory consolidation and cognitive function. You will get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night by sleeping on a proper mattress, thus allowing your brain to process information and improve cognitive function. Buy mattress Online Dubai from Zero-G Beds & Mattresses now and sleep with comfort later!


7. Improved Circulation: You should sleep on proper bedding to keep your veins healthy by promoting better blood circulation during sleep. Poor circulation can cause many problems with improper blood distribution, leading to sore muscles and aches in the morning after sleeping on a poor-quality mattress.


8. Enhances mood: A good night's sleep on a comfortable mattress can leave you feeling refreshed and energized, enhancing your mood, and reducing stress levels. A study showcases that people who sleep on a comfortable mattress reported feeling more relaxed and less stressed. If you begin your morning good mood, you will perform all your tasks with zeal and enthusiasm.


9. Reduces snoring: Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can cause you to snore, disrupting your sleep quality and that of your partner. A good quality mattress can provide proper support and help keep your airways open, reducing the risk of snoring.


10. Reduces allergy symptoms: A good quality mattress can also reduce allergy symptoms by minimizing the accumulation of dust mites, which are common allergens. Investing in a hypoallergenic mattress can significantly reduce the risk of developing allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes.


We hope that it's clear that mattresses can affect our health differently. Sleeping helps in improving the overall quality of life. So, if you're not already sleeping on a good quality mattress, it's time to invest in one and start reaping its many benefits. How you know what types of mattresses are best? The answer is in choosing the right mattress from Zero-G Beds. We cater the best mattress in Dubai, available online 24*7 and ready to comfort you with good sleep with our products.